Six skin nourishers to help you go with the glow!

Good food to help you glow!
Good food to help you glow!

Great skin starts from within. So go for the glow with these six nourishers to help you go with a gorgeous glow.

  1. Veggies

Strive for five servings of veggies a day are a great way to maximise your nutrition without boosting the calories. They contain pigments and antioxidants, which behave like tiny soldiers that attack free radicals, reactive and potentially damaging compounds that results from natural processes. But also from habits like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, sunlight and more. The best way is to eat a rainbow as each coloured produce provides a different range of pigments and protectors. The orange pigments – in carrots, sweet potato and orangey coloured fruits – contains beta carotene which your body makes into a safe form of vitamin A. this is vital for healthy skin tone and cell development.

  1. Vitamin C

This water soluble vitamin is both powerful (because it as an effective antioxidant) and delicate (because it is easily destroyed by exposure to heat and air. So, fresh veggies and fruits are your best choice if you want to up your vitamin C. Sailors used to stave off the vitamin C deficiency disease, scurvy by taking citrus fruits on long voyages. While the Chinese travellers used to sprout beans for their C source. Try sprouting chickpeas or peas on a damp paper towel on your windowsill for a delicious addition to snacks and salads and sandwiches. Citrus fruits, kiwi, capsicums and berries are also great sources of C.

  1. Brazil nuts

As well as being a great source of selenium, Brazil nuts also provide selenium, which is another powerful antioxidant, which works hand-in-hand with other free radical fighters like vitamins C and E. Studies show that it can protect against sun damage and age spots. Even so, the best protection for your skin against the sun? Good ol’ sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.

  1. Vitamin E

Found in nuts like hazelnuts, sunflower seeds an avocado, this water-soluble vitamin is another free radical destroyer and many of us don’t get enough of it. It protects the membranes of your skin cells and moisturising as it protects.

  1. Good fats

Your body needs fat but fat from animals (the kind which are hard at room temperature) aren’t great for your body. But the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated kinds found in avocados, nuts and seeds work like a moisturiser from the inside out. They also carry fat-soluble fats like our free radical fighting friend, vitamin E. the other essential oil your body and mind needs is omega-3. Your body can’t make this for itself and that’s why you need to get it in your diet. Flaxseeds (freshly ground), walnuts and canola oil are good providers. Omega-3s encourage your body to produce anti-inflammatory compounds, important if you’re prone to breakouts and conditions like eczema.

  1. H2O

Around 60% of your body is made of water and water is needed for every body process. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated so sip regularly throughout the day. If your body is low on water, your skin will suffer too, since the water will go to nourish your internal organs first before it reaches your skin.

  1. Super soy

Soy contains phytoestrogens antioxidants, which have a similar makeup to oestrogen. Getting enough phytoestrogens help to balance your hormones (they are often found in supplements to help ease the symptoms of menopause because of this).